Friday, November 14, 2014

We have been busy!!1

Busy in First Grade!
We have been missing in action....but very busy in school!  We read a story called Leaf Man and then went out and found our own favorite leaves.  We then made our own leaf creatures!  The kids were so proud of them!  I had to take a snap shot of each one!

Pumpkin Predictions
We worked in our science journals the entire month of October and did a bunch of activities with pumpkins!  We had to predict if different sizes of pumpkins would float!  Most of us guessed incorrectly....did you know that no matter how big a pumpkin they will always float?

Election Day
We learned about election day and why it is important to vote!  What better way to learn hands on then to cast our own election....we were not exactly voting on a new governor or bond but instead.....cookies!  Which would you prefer Chocolate Chip or Oreos?

Next week, we will get to see our Thanksgiving shenanigans!