Saturday, November 10, 2012

6 Week Smiles

I almost forgot how fun it is when infants learn to smile and coo!  Brennan is such a ham, he has big dimples that you just want to eat up!  He loves to play and smile and flirt!  He makes all of us smile! 

It is amazing at how alert he is especially with Ellie.  He watches her every move and just smiles and talks to her!  My favorite memory of these two is when Ellie lays next to Brennan and says:

"Hello Buddy!" Are you happy today, are you just so happy to see me.  I'm your big sister and I love you!  Proceeded by: BEEP BEEP PUDDING POP (little taps on his nose!!)

 Ellie got to take Brennan to get his first bath!  She was very protective of her little brother!

Ellie wanted to sing to Brennan, so she sang Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!

And 1 More Makes 4

We are so blessed to have welcomed little "BIG" man Brennan to our family!  He is such a good baby!  He gets up once through the night around 2:30/3:00 then sleeps until 6:30!  What a good boy he is! 

He is so different then Ellie meaning:

a). He is MUCH bigger (Ellie weighed 12 lbs. at 6 months....Brennan was 12 lbs. at 8 weeks old!)
b). He NEVER fusses.....or cries!
c). Has really big cherub cheeks
d). Has leg rolls and big rock solid arms

Ellie is adjusting to being a big sister and SHARING Mommy and Daddy!  The first few weeks were a little rough but she has adjusted well and loves to help!  Her favorite things to help with are:

1. Putting the dirty diapers in the Diaper Genie (who would of thought such a contraption would be so cool!)
2. Talking to him
3. Give him his Nuk
4. Play with him under his play mat