Thursday, April 10, 2014

Have You Heard.... (Pssst....This is a Giveaway!)

Have You Heard?
Hello Everyone,
I am so ecstatic that Spring is finally here!  Was anyone else just itching to get outside and let the kids!?  I know our family was.  I find it funny that you don't see anyone out during the winter months and BAM! once it warms up the entire neighborhood comes crawling out of the woodwork!

With warmth, comes a new clothing line from Matilda Jane!  Yes, you heard it from me AND I have a product review to share with you.  Matilda Jane graciously sent me an entire outfit for Little Miss Ellie!  I was so excited to get it!  If you are not familiar with Matilda Jane, their girl's lines are extravagant, fun, and very colorful!  There are two things that I really appreciate about how Matilda Jane tailors their clothes for little girls.
  1. COMPLETLY COMFORTABLE: If your daughter/Little Miss is anything like mine, it has to be comfy.  Actually, Ellie asks daily for "comfy" pants.  Comfy pants are any pant that is soft and NOT, I repeat NOT jeans!  Matilda Jane is all about the comfy!!
  1. MATCHING....NO NEED TO MATCH: many times have you had the battle of "No, we aren't going to wear that." (This would be the striped leggings, polka dot shirt, and rain boots kind of days)!  Matilda Jane does a fabulous job of creating clothing that can be miss-matched.  With this said, some of the patterning can be a bit wild but most of their clothes can be paired with practically everything they carry!
Matilda Jane sent me three items from their "Its a Wonderful Parade" line which is their most recent clothing line.  These colors are bright, vibrant, and very fun! Their sayings are a perfect representation of who they are: UNPREDICTABLE and SOMETHING DIFFERENT AT EVERY CORNER.

Cloudy Puffer Tee: This tee is fabulous! The fabric has a soft (very soft) jersey type feel. This tee can be used as an individual shirt or paired with pretty much anything from dress to shirt. This top is a 3/4 bucket sleeve. It flares out near the bottom of the sleeve. On Ellie this was a full length shirt, which I didn't mind. Room to grow, right! The length of the overall top was longer on Ellie but I didn't mind that either!

Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings: We LOVE these!  Some of Matilda Jane's ruffle leggings/pants can have a pretty big ruffle, these are perfect for my liking.  The coral color and cream hearts are adorable, not to mention the small ruffles on the cuff of each pant leg.  Ellie loved how comfy they were! I was a bit worried that a size 6 would fall right off of her, but they fit very nicely.  If you don't know Ellie, she is a peanut! The length is said to be at the ankle, however they were actual pants for Ellie.  So, I guess we have more room for growth!!

Love Bug Knot Top: This top is similar to a knotted dress, just a shortened version.  The prints range from simplistic little cherries to bold color patterns.  This wasn't my favorite piece as the color blocking was a bit abstract for me, however, the colors are simply stunning.  I loved the red flutter sleeves!  This top was long enough for me to create a short knot top style dress.  I tried a few different ways to make this an outfit.  The thing I love about the knot tops is you can pair them with Matilda Jane leggings, tights, or skirts but also a simple pair of jeans if you prefer a more reserved look.

This is the Love Bug Knot top shown as a dress.

This is the entire set put together!

That is it! Matilda Jane does not disappoint! They have a great sense of detail and understanding of who their shoppers are!  I asked Ellie what she thought of her new clothes she said: I like the comfy pants!  My shirt is so twirly!  Ellie and I leave you with a giveaway from Matilda Jane!  They have given my readers a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to shop Matilda Jane!
*Disclaimer: I received products for review purposes. No other compensation was received. Though the product were free, opinions are 100% my very own.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Puddles and Painting!!!

Puddles and Painting 
Happy Spring Everyone!  We were so happy that we finally got a "beautiful" March day on the weekend!  We started the day with a trip to church!  We are gearing up for Easter Production; Jeff and I are both in the production this year.  We have been very busy practicing!  I have landed a role in the Easter Production as well as being a part of the choir; Jeff is playing acoustic guitar during the production!  I had my production practice followed by choir practice, which.... landed me in the spot to try out for a singing solo.  I was so incredibly nervous but I knew it was something I love doing (singing that is...) and I knew God would give me the strength to let my voice be heard!  He did!!!

Sunday was a great day!  We got some much needed outside family time (not to mention the Christmas lights finally came down)! We took the kids outside to puddle jump!  This was Brennan's first time getting to play in puddles....look out world, he LOVED it!  Ellie was just all smiles, running and jumping in the puddles.  We then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with our wonderful neighbors until dinner time!

Oh, I almost forgot....PAINTING!  Ellie loves doing projects!  She got a little paint set from a birthday party and of course wanted to paint!  She was so busy, she used up all the paint!  I love watching her be creative, innovative, and imaginative.  She is our bright little light!

My favorite picture is the one where Ellie is concentrating...with her tongue out!  Yep, she is that kid!!!  I hope that you had time to enjoy the weather this past weekend!  Please "join/follow" our blog!  Find the button and CLICK!!!

Philippians 4:4
Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.