Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Family Means LOVE

Family Means LOVE
Family.  What does that mean to you? Working in education and seeing kids come in and out each day makes me thankful of the family I have.  I have a family that has ENCOURAGED me.  Encouraged me to fulfill my dreams, step outside of my box, and accomplish things I could have only dreamed of.  I have a family that LOVES OUR LORD.  Loving and serving our Lord is important to me and seeing that my children value that as well lets me know that I am leading them in the right direction.  I have a family that ENDURES.  They endure all things that come to us the good and the bad.  We learn to overcome and live through it.  I have a family that LAUGHS.  Laughter that fills my heart with joy.  There is nothing like hearing the laughter of your own children and husband.  Laughter that comes from the gut....laughter that shows the smile of happiness.  I have a family that LOVES.  We love one another.  My kids love hugs, love giving kisses, love saying "I love you!"  Jeff and I love to see the blank stares on our kids' face and the sheer giggle when we hug or smooch.  The sense that they know what love looks like is humbling!

Love Your Family.

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