Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Good Ones Clothing Co. Review... Get Ready to "Rock" OUT!

Our family was fortunate to receive yet another outfit sent for me to review! Doing the product reviews have been something I really enjoy doing! I was given an outfit from The Good Ones, a brand new company founded by One Lucky Guitar (a design and marketing boutique) and Matilda Jane Clothing. They exist to fulfill one purpose to:

"Create products celebrating the kids that 
light fireworks in our souls!"

There are many reasons why I loved the clothing sent to me! First, my Little Man is 20 months and... BUSY! I need to put him in comfy durable clothes, that of course are cute! The Good Ones Clothing is make-believe! They have created a make-believe band, that plays in make-believe locations, and likes make-believe things. The journey of The Good Ones is make-believe... how appropriate since when asking kids about make-believe it is something they do everyday! When I shared this fabulous company with my husband, he loved the musical feel. Being a musician himself (and tech geek!) the little details of amps, guitars, etc. make this line fun to look at and intriguing! The Good Ones created their own band: The Final Hurrahs! It features Adrian, Bullfrog, Franklin, and Stuart. Even though The Final Hurrahs may be a fictional band, they let their voices be heard on every article of clothing.
Do you notice the little touches this brand does? Look carefully at the little paw prints.....yep, they are the names of the band members! I also love the little details they add like The Good Ones logo on the bottom of the pant leg or the little emblem with The Good Ones name on the back of the pants. My daughter said "Hey, Dad! It is the top of your guitar!" Maybe it is suppose to look like that, would fit perfect with the whole band feel!

I bet you are dying to find out what The Good Ones sent me! Let me share! I was sent their Paw Print Straight and Narrows (pants) and the Roadside Rex Onsie! The clothes are made of 100% cotton and are very soft and comfortable. Check out the details about each product! The Paw Print Straight and Narrows our their new charcoal gray pants ready for serious play! Even though they say straight and narrow they are loose fitting and sized perfectly. My Little Man is chunky and these are perfect for him! He even wore them working out in the garage with Dad...perfectly comfortable and playable!

I was also sent the Roadside Rex Onesie! Can you say adorable!? The first thing out of my son's mouth was "ROAR!" of course because he recognized the dinosaur! If you look closely you will notice the headphones on the dinosaur! Priceless! The fit of the onesie was perfect and the coolest thing is is that you can get a T-shirt that matches for your older kids too! I love the back of this onesie, the hatching egg with The Good Ones' name in it is very trendy and adds a uniqueness to the outfit. How many of your little ones "hate" the tag in the back of their shirt? Both of my kids were always tugging on the top of their shirt or telling me their shirt hurt, well....The Good Ones has made this cute onesie tag-less!

The Good Ones is all about the details!
I will leave you with my last thoughts on The Good Ones products! First, my husband said "I would wear that!" I should have purchased a few items for my husband so my two boys (Daddy and Lil' B) could "ROCK" The Good Ones gear together! Second, I REALLY think The Good Ones Company needs a cute little model like my Lil' B to model their wonderful clothes! (I'm not biased at all!!! :) )Third, if you are looking for clothes that are unique, imaginative, comfortable, and wearable you need to check out The Good Ones website and see what treasures you can find! I will leave you with a few more pictures of my Lil' Man "rockin" in his gear as well as a quote I loved from The Good Ones website!

"Tapping your toe is the first step toward rocking out!"

*Disclaimer: The clothing products given to me were for review purposes only I was not compensated in any way. 
All opinions are my own!

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